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DMV Redemptive Labs Cohort 4 Applications

Cohort 4 will take place from Nov 24.-Apr 25 and applications will open in Jul 24. To indicate interest, please register here

DMV Redemptive Labs

DMV Redemptive Labs is an accelerator for early-stage tech founders seeking to steward the power of business for the good of their neighbours and the renewal of culture. Through a high-touch programme, founders will have access to content taught from a Biblical worldview, support from fellow entrepreneurs, and mentoring from seasoned builders who believe in the power of redemptive entrepreneurship.

Redemptive Frame for Fellows, Faith and Work

What can you expect?

DMV Redemptive Lab Fellows Participants Founders Accelerator

Transformative Content

We will journey together through what it means to build a redemptive framework, as well as how to bring the principles to our operations. Founders will have the opportunity to discern areas where perhaps a recalibration to the master Builder Himself is needed, so that redemptive impact is achieved in a financially sustainable manner. Sessions will include: 

  • Re/Frame 

    • Our kick-off weekend will be spent exploring redemptive possibilities in an organizational setting, known as the Redemptive Frame from Praxis. This will overlay the 3 Ways to Work (Exploitative, Ethical, Redemptive) with the 3 Dimensions of Work (Strategy, Operations, Leadership).

  • Product

    • How do we develop products, services, and experiences that genuinely benefit our customers, their communities, and the world, while thoughtfully minimising downside consequences, manipulative design, or sales practices that erode broader societal trust?

  • Branding

    • What does it mean to craft a brand through imagination and truth, advancing narratives of virtue and hope? How do we resist the urge to play to our customers’ desires, insecurity, or ego through marketing based on fear or status?

  • Culture

    • How do we build a team culture that helps people experience their work as neither ultimate nor transactional, but as purposeful and relational? Can we develop each person for and beyond their contribution to our mission, instead of treating them merely as resources to advance our organisation’s interests?

  • Business Model

    • What does it look like to grow a business that shares value with our customers and partners, considers social and environmental benefits and costs, while responsibly managing financial capital and profit that is essential to a lasting business?

  • Partnerships

    • How do we grow through partnerships of mutuality and integrity, avoiding a zero-sum view that only considers our own organisational priorities? What would it be like to treat our investors, suppliers, distributors, and all partners as we would like to be treated, considering the needs, pressures, and health of their businesses and communities?

  • Ambition

    • How might we surrender our personal ambition to God and seek first the good of others, not ourselves? What does it mean to cultivate gratitude, joy, and humility in the way we lead and serve, instead of privately yielding our desires to an accumulation of wealth, power, and prestige?


Spiritual Formation

We will integrate prayer, teaching, and other shared spiritual practices into the programme so that we grow in faith as we grow in leadership. 


We specially recruit mentors who share our vision of journeying with and supporting each of our founders in their development. They are not only seasoned builders, professionals, and investors themselves, who can guide you with their experiences, but they will seek to care for you as a whole person. Mentors will also attend the kick-off sessions and remain available for contact throughout the course of the accelerator. Peer mentoring will also be a feature of DMV Redemptive Labs, as it’s often fellow founders who have valuable experiences to bring to the table!

What will you get?

  • Learn and apply the Redemptive Frame to your startup

    • Understand what Redemptive Strategy, Operations and Leadership means

    • Identify and shape your specific Redemptive Opportunity


  • Gain wisdom from experienced Mentors and guest speakers

    • Interact and learn from your 2 assigned mentors

    • Hear the journey of guest speakers who are either experienced operators of investors 


  • Join a lifelong community of like-minded Christian founders

    • Be part of an amazing and diverse cohort of Fellows

    • Participate in ongoing alumni activities including small groups and regular forums

Programme Cycle

DMV Redemptive Labs will run from 11 Aug 2023 to 30 Apr 2024 at Best Western Panbil,  Batam, Indonesia, and will consist of:

  • 2 onsite gatherings (overnight stay from Friday evening to Monday evening) 

  • Teaching, personal reflection times, small-group discussions with fellow founders, and mentoring sessions

  • Support from the DMV team throughout the programme

  • A Showcase Day for founders to share about their redemptive visions with our wider community

DMV Redemptive Labs Fellows Accelerators Mentors Speakers

Who should apply?

A founder who is:

  • Running an early-stage tech venture (Pre-Seed/ Seed, Post-Product)

  • Intentional about growing God’s Kingdom through an innovative and scalable model

  • Serious about embodying the gospel in products, services, and operations

  • Humble and teachable, with a passion for excellence 

  • Seeking an accountable community to grow together in faith

  • Working full-time on their ventures

Programme Fees

The programme fees are S$1250 per participant, which is already substantially subsidised.  This includes twin sharing hotel accommodation, all meals and land transfer to/from the ferry terminal or airport. Ferry or plane tickets are not included.


  • Am I guaranteed investment as an accelerator participant?

    Our focus is on holistically developing the entrepreneur and helping entrepreneurs become deeply formed as redemptive leaders who guide their ventures to become more effective, more profitable, and more redemptive in their impact. Participants will have the opportunity to share investment needs during the programme but are not guaranteed investment.

  • Can I apply if I only have an idea for a company?

    At this time, we are only accepting early-stage founders who have built at least a prototype, but do give us a call to share about your idea. Where possible, we’ll be happy to give you feedback and continue to stay in touch, as you continue your journey.

  • Which countries do you accept applications from? 

    We encourage founders from all countries across Southeast Asia to apply!

  • How many from my company can attend the programme?

    A maximum of two may attend. The founder should be one of them, but in the absence of co-founder, another key team member attending can also be helpful for thinking through the implementation of takeaways.

  • Do I need to attend every session? Can I take turns with others from my company to attend?

    As each session has been carefully designed to help founders build the right foundations for their companies, we are looking for founders who are able to commit to the whole programme. If you have an unusual situation, please contact us before applying, so that we can advise you appropriately.

  • Does my start-up have to be a digital technology company to apply?

    If you’re not sure your company is “tech” enough, feel free to contact us to clarify.

  • Does my company have to be a “social business” to apply?

    By applying a redemptive framework, we believe all businesses are “social” in that they have to consider the impact their products and services will have on their customers and culture, as well as how they run their business (how they treat their people, how they treat their customers). 

  • Do I need to have been a Christian for a long time to apply?

    We do not equate duration with depth. Instead, we are looking for participants who are teachable, in community with fellow believers, and seeking to integrate their faith with their startup.

  • Do my employees all need to be believers for me to qualify?

    Not necessarily. However, a core of like minded Christians is strongly recommended, as the material can be “paradigm shifting” and journeying together to make changes in your company is important.

  • Are scholarships available?

    While we usually encourage all participants to invest in their own growth, do contact us if you are facing unusual challenges and we will consider on a case by case basis.

  • If I’m not sure my company qualifies, can I speak with someone on your team before I apply?

    Most definitely! We welcome enquiries.

Meet your mentors & speakers

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